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Dental Implants are part of what gives Dr. Eaton's practice its name: Dentistry & All That Jazz. As a seasoned professional, Dr. Eaton offers dental implant placement and care to all of his patients and the Redwood City, California community. He even specializes in using Straumann® implants, the gold standard in dental implants.

Dental Implants Q & A

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a two part device that dentists use to replace missing teeth or teeth that must be removed because they cannot be saved. The parts that make up a dental implant include a post and a crown. Dr. Eaton uses Straumann implants, since they have a strong track record for being durable and natural-looking.

The post is surgically implanted into the jaw bone and then a crown is placed onto the post. In some procedures, a dental bridge might also be implanted. A dental bridge implant involves fewer posts and more crowns. For example, three crowns may share two posts, but the crown itself would be a single piece that contained three teeth.

Are Dental Implants Permanent?

Yes and no. Straumann implants are meant to be permanent, but there are situations that may require replacement of the post or crown. The crown is easy to replace, but the post is designed to be a permanent part of your mouth.

Just like regular teeth, dental implants must be cared for every day. That means flossing and brushing after every meal. Infection and poor oral health can cause serious problems such as bone infections. How permanent your dental implants are is mostly up to how well you care for them.

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

The primary benefit is that they offer a permanent replacement option for missing teeth. In the past, the only option that a person had for teeth replacement was either a denture or a bridge. Straumann implants offer a health advantage because they don’t rely on support from other teeth.

Are Dental Implants Going to Stick Out?

In terms of color, not usually. Straumann creates crowns that match the natural color of your teeth. Implants should blend right into your smile without drawing attention. The crowns are also replaceable, so if the color of your teeth should change, new crowns can be color matched.

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