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Dr. Eaton provides several means for replacing teeth. Dentures are just one option available through his Dentistry & All That Jazz dental practice. For the Redwood City, California area and surrounding communities, Dr. Eaton's family and cosmetic dental services provide an affordable and comprehensive way to obtain oral health.

Dentures Q & A

Are Dentures My Only Option for Replacing My Teeth?

Dentures are very popular, but they are not the only option available to replace teeth. Dental implants are newer and also very popular. The benefit of opting for dentures is that the process is much faster that it is for dental implants, and more people can benefit from dentures since there are fewer requirements involved.

My Parents Had Dentures and Hated Them. Have Dentures Changed?

Yes, they have changed. There are a variety of different types of dentures available and the technology involved has improved. The results are flexible or rigid dentures that offer better fit and a more natural bite.

Does Medicare Pay for Dentures?

Sadly, no. Medicare does not usually cover dental procedures, cleaning, or routine care. Some of the Medicare C plans may offer dental services, and those may cover dentures. Because those plans change yearly, it is important to determine your benefits directly from them.

Will Dental Insurance Cover the Cost of Dentures?

Sometimes they will cover the cost of dentures. Not every dental insurance plan offers denture coverage, and many limit how much they will cover. Sometimes there are exclusions if the dentures are not medically necessary. Dr. Eaton offers dental pre-evaluation and insurance review so that you know exactly what your portion of the cost is for dentures or any other dental procedure. What happens is that following your exam he determines why you need dentures and then pre-authorizes that procedure with your insurance company. Their answer tells both you and Dr. Eaton what your co-pay will be.

What Happens if My Dentures Wear Out?

Dentures do wear out. The first step would be to have your old dentures relined so that they offer a more secure fit. That process involves taking new impressions of your gums and then re-lining your dentures. If your dentures cannot be re-lined, then they would need to be replaced.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

At Dentistry And All That Jazz, we accept most major Dental insurance plans. Here is a short-list of just some of the most popular plans we accept. Please contact our office if you do not see your insurance provider listed below. Ask for Christine, and she can handle all of your insurance needs!

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