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Dr. Eaton offers tooth extraction services as part of his family and cosmetic dental services. As a dentist with over 25-years experience he welcomes patients from all over the Bay Area to his Redwood City, California dental practice - Dentistry & All The Jazz.

Tooth Extraction Q & A

I Have a Fear of Dentists and If I Need Teeth Extracted, Do You Offer Sedation?

Dr. Eaton offers both local anesthetics, gas, and IV sedation to his patients. If you have severe dental fear, then he will offer you a pre-treatment medication that you take at home to relax and calm you before you arrive at the dentist. It is always best to have someone drive you for most dental procedures.

Will I Need to Have Teeth Extracted for Invisalign Braces?

Most people do need to have teeth extracted even with Invisalign braces. It is important that there be enough room in your mouth to properly reposition your teeth. If there is not room, then some teeth will need to be extracted. In some cases, no teeth need to be removed. The best way to answer that question is with a pre-Invisalign exam. Then Dr. Eaton will evaluate your mouth and tell you exactly which teeth if any need to be extracted.

Can I Drive Myself Home After Having Teeth Extracted?

Usually, you can. To fully answer that question requires that we consider all types of sedation. For local anesthetic, you can drive yourself home. For full sedation or IV sedation, you will need to have a driver.

Will Insurance Cover Extractions for Cosmetic Procedures?

Not usually. If the procedure is medically necessary, then most insurance will cover at least part of the cost of extraction. It is difficult to answer this question specifically because each insurance policy and carrier contract to pay different fees. We are happy to pre-authorize any procedure so that you know exactly what your costs are.

If I Have Mouth Trauma and Need to Have an Extraction, Will My Insurance Cover It?

Usually, they do. If you have a medical need for an extraction most insurance either your dental or health insurance will cover the cost of extractions. Sometimes, even car insurance will cover dental procedures if the trauma was the result of an automobile accident.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

At Dentistry And All That Jazz, we accept most major Dental insurance plans. Here is a short-list of just some of the most popular plans we accept. Please contact our office if you do not see your insurance provider listed below. Ask for Christine, and she can handle all of your insurance needs!

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